PowerNest WS

High end nesting features at your fingertip

PowerNest WS is a powerful and comprehensive service for automatic nesting optimization. It allows 2D packing of irregular shapes in rectangular sheets. This service has been designed to develop optimization applications for 2D nesting or CAM cutting and can be used in a wide range of sectors: sheet metal working, packaging industry, shipbuilding, wood panel, foam, composite materials, plastic cutting, ... This service is available through a RESTful API.


PowerNest has been designed to deliver the best nesting results in a fully automated way. It can automatically choose among several domain-specific algorithms and use the most suitable one for your given problem (from very big shipyard production with unary parts on hundreds of sheets to small production with high quantity of small parts). The best and most efficient way of using PowerNest is to describe the whole problem (whole production with quantities and whole stock of available sheets of possibly different formats). PowerNest will compute an optimized solution, using several sheets if needed:

  • If all the parts fit in the available sheets, PowerNest will try to nest them all using the smallest possible surface of material among the stock. The surface minimized is computed by adding the surface of all sheets used, but the last in which the offcut is kept. The nesting is optimized to the left, the offcut is then on the right, using a vertical front line.
  • Otherwise, PowerNest will try to minimize the material waste by placing as much parts as possible on the available sheets.